Columbia Bouvier des Flandres Club
Interested in Getting a Bouvier?

The CBdFC has numerous notable high-quality breeders amongst our membership.  We also provide an excellent rescue program that has had great success in finding the right match for both dog and family members alike!


Advantage of Club Membership

We are proud of our dogs and members.  Showing, grooming, and training for rally/agility take patience and skills best acquired in a team environment.  We support our members both in and out of the ring.  Good food also helps!

Comprehensive Club Support

Interested in grooming, health, or looking for another Bouvier for your active puppy to play with?  We have numerous events throughout the year to get involved!


Diverse Experience

We are fortunate to have a wide array of membership with experience in a number of areas for Bouviers and their owners to enjoy.  From

The Core Essence of Responsible Ownership

We’re committed to providing

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About Our Club
Est. 1992