Est. 1992
Columbia Bouvier des Flandres Club

What is Special About the Bouvier Specialty?

There are two kinds of specialties. They can be either "independent" (a separate show) or "designated classes" (where a breed's specialty is held as part of an all-breed show).

A specialty traditionally draws more participants – a few years ago, there were more than 40 Bouvier entries. So a specialty show provides the opportunity to see more Bouviers and the potential of more points if an entrant does well. For independent specialties, the club selects the judges, while for designated shows it is the all-breed show’s sponsoring club that selects the judges and pays for facility and judging expenses.

The club does have some expenses - special prizes for conformation classes and High in Trial rosettes for Bouvs competing int the regular obedience. classes. Attending a Bouv specialty allows watching the best Bouvs go head to tail in the ring.