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Carting: We are hosting an ABdFC Carting Test and a NAWBA Carting Trial in beautiful Willamette Mission State Park, Salem Oregon, alongside the Bernese Mountain Dog Club on Sunday June 2, 2019. Several Club members are beginning carting this Spring with plans to enter the Club’s carting trial Sunday June 2nd. Later this Spring, we want to have practice sessions on the weekends. If you are interested, contact Diane Elliot at The Club will hold a second trial late in the Summer near Spokane. Club members David Herndon and Cathy Longworth have been holding these trials for four years, and it’s a fun day in the park watching Bouviers do a heritage activity for our breed. Mark your calendars to attend June 3.

There are many sites on Facebook where you can access information about upcoming events:

You might start at the Club's Facebook page Columbia Bouvier des Flandres group site (just click on the Facebook link at the top of the page) and explore other pages of interest such as

Pacific NorthWest (PNW) Herding Connection

Pacific Northwest Nose Work

NW Dog Events

Friends That Like AKC Scent Work

Search any dog activity, and you can probably find a group, and while you are at it, search Bouvier and you will find a bunch of sites with pictures of Bouviers and their owners. 

The American Bouvier des Flandres Club has a website and Facebook page. If you are interested in our Club's carting, Specialty or scent work events contact, and we can provide more information.

Outside of Facebook, there is a yahoo site where information is posted at Activities/info.

Portland's Spot magazine has a calendar of events at

A comparable site for Washington is

For AKC related events, you can search their calendar at